Why Rent a Wheelchair

Updated: Mar 12, 2019

We’ve made it quick and convenient for you to rent or lease a wheelchair from anywhere in Singapore. In this post we'll share the benefits of renting a wheelchair instead of purchasing one.

Cost-Effective & Hassle Free

On average a standard wheelchair will set you back $200 while an orthopaedic wheelchair costs $400. With our rental rates as low as $5 per day for the first week and $80 for the first month ($2.85/day) you can be assured that renting a wheelchair is a more cost-effective option. Moreover you can easily get it delivered any where in Singapore with a click of a button.

Carefree Maintenance

Renting a wheelchair means that you don't have to worry about wheelchair maintenance. We always ensure that our wheelchairs are regularly maintained and sanitised. If there are any issues with the wheelchair during the rental period we will immediately do a one to one exchange for you.

Free Up Space

When you rent a wheelchair it will only be around during the rental period. Subsequently we'll come and collect the wheelchair from you, hence freeing up space in your house. You can rent again from us at any time and we will deliver it to you.


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